Three Tips to Help You Choose the Right Divorce Attorney

If you are planning to file a divorce and work with an attorney, you must look for someone who is compatible with your needs. However, this may not come easy. You must do your homework, read divorce lawyer reviews, so you will know about divorce attorneys and the related costs in your area. You should not choose an attorney based only on their website design, practice, and publicity. 

Surely, you can consider recommendations from someone you know who have been through their own divorce. To ensure you choose the best divorce lawyer such as divorce lawyer Andrew Heft who will help you get a favourable settlement, here are tips to help you:

Choose a Lawyer with at Least a Decade of Experience

When it comes to divorces and other major life situations, you need an experienced professional to rely on. Divorce law is complex and you need an attorney with enough experience and knowledge of the law and legal procedures. This way, you can get legal advice at each stage of the divorce. Also, experience will mean the attorney knows the legal norms that could impact your case.

Go for an Attorney from a Smaller Firm that Specialises in Family Law

You should not get carried away by divorce attorneys from a big full-service law firm that has offices from all over the world. The majority of the best divorce attorneys are working in firms that have ten or fewer attorneys. Most bigger firms only have a few divorce attorneys who handle work generated by corporate clients. Plus, big firms tend to charge much higher fees. Why go for the bigger ones when you find a respected divorce attorney in a firm that mostly handles family issues including divorce?

Select an Attorney Who is Calm and Assertive

When hiring a divorce lawyer, you don’t want one whose aggression can turn the already adversarial divorce process into an all-out public battle. The best lawyer to work with takes a pragmatic approach to your case. They want to solve issues promptly instead of create them. To know what kind of attorney someone is, ask about the number of cases they take to trial every year and the percentage of their cases that are settled.

 Moreover, a good attorney will quietly assert their point of view. You want one who can reach a settlement without setting foot in a court of law. And discussion before hiring an attorney can help you discover whether the attorney is assertive or aggressive.