Is Silestone Quartz Really as Good as People Say it is? Find out the Truth! 

It is not easy to choose a countertop material for the kitchen because of the kind of variety that exists. It is very natural to get confused and be indecisive about which material would be the better option. This is why we have made this guide. In this guide, we will be taking you through the benefits of Silestone quartz that’s emerging are the new trendy countertop option. 

Silestone quartz is absolutely worth the hype and praises that it is getting. Dive in to explore the What and Why!

What is Silestone Quartz? 

Silestone (that contains a minimum of 93% quartz) is the purest and strongest variety of quartz. It comes in such colors, variety, and textures that everybody has been voicing out their opinion in its favor. We’re doing exactly the same. 

But Why Silestone Only? 

That’s a pretty good question that has many answers. The benefits of Silestone quartz are too good. They are the reasons that Silestone is becoming popular. We have mentioned the most relevant benefits of Silestone in the sections to follow. Have a look! 

  1. It is Waterproof and Stain-Resistant 

Silestone does not absorb water, or any other liquid as a matter of fact, at all. It’s made non-porous. Naturally, it won’t catch stains either. That’s because it absorbs nothing, absolutely, nothing! 

  1. It is Non-Abrasive 

The most common reason that countertops lose their texture and radiance is that most materials react to acids in food. But, Silestone quartz doesn’t. It does not react to acids in wine or vinegar or pickle or anything else. As a result, the surface of Silestone stays true to its texture.

  1. It is Hygienic

First, it doesn’t absorb liquid or catch stains. Which means, it does not catch germs. And last, the surface of Silestone has Silver ions that make it antibacterial too. 

  1. It is Scratch-Resistant 

You don’t have to fret a lot if you accidentally drop a knife on the surface of Silestone because the surface won’t scratch. In fact, many people use a Silestone countertop to chop vegetables and bake bread. That’s how good it is. 

  1. It has a Huge Variety 

Silestone like Granite au Sommet quartz Silestone is available in more than 50 beautiful colors. These sellers also make it available in many textures and shapes. You can visit their showroom by appointment to develop a better understanding of the kind of variety that we’re talking about.

We hope that you have the answers for all the Whys’ and Whats’ now. If you think about everything, Silestone can be the best countertop option since it can last forever with proper care.