Find The Best Outdoor Ceramic Tiles For Your Home

Selecting the right tiles for your home can be a long process. Right from the design to type and texture, you need to figure it all out. A well-planned balcony, patio, lawn, or terrace creates a beautiful homely vibe. From conventional options like cement, stone slabs, and mosaic to aesthetic ones like tiling, there’s more for you to explore. Today we are going to list the best types of ceramic tiles that work well outdoors and the benefits of selecting them.

Best Outdoor ceramic tiles to choose from:

  • Natural stone tiles: The options include marbles, granite, slate, and travertine that give your outdoors a rustic look. There’s something elegant about having your floor plan set in stone. These tiles consist of natural grain patterns which mean that you will not find two similar tiles. Also, as the stone is highly porous the stone needs to be sealed properly to make it durable and sturdy.
  • Cement tiles: Encaustic cement tiles are handmade and come with beautiful patterns made intricately with care. These tiles look great in the balcony and patio area. With bold patterns that make you stop and take notice, these cement tiles have a heritage look to them. To prevent moisture penetration, fading and staining, it is essential to get the outdoor cement tiles sealed properly. 
  • Porcelain tiles: Made out of clay in high temperatures, the manufacturing process makes the porcelain tiles dense, durable, hard, and non-porous in a way that helps avoid moisture and general wear and tear. Available in multiple colors, designs, textures, and sizes, you can also select anti-slip porcelain tiles with a rough finish that makes the floor less slippery. 
  • Terracotta tiles: These tiles add an earthy appeal to your floor with their reddish-brown hues that go well with the greens of your garden and terrace. These tiles are highly porous with penetrative sealants that help avoid stains, durable in nature, and are protected from moisture, dampness, and fungal growth. 
  • Wooden pavers: These tiles are available in 2 composites: natural wood and wood plastic. Can be placed directly over concrete and any other flat surface to give a rich and textured finish to your outdoor floors. 

While selecting outdoor tiles check for slip resistance, durability, surface finish, and also that they do not fade when coming in contact with direct sunlight.