Check top suggestions for data center design! 

More businesses in the IT and allied sectors are interested in investing in their own networking infrastructure. Demand for robust, futuristic data centers is on the rise, and investors are keen on exploring all possibilities in design & planning. For the same, selecting the right industrial architect is critical. For instance, if you check Stendel Reich data center projects in Montreal, you will find that the company has worked with clients to deliver projects designed with Uptime Institute standard. The role of industrial architects is to plan such data centers from scratch, offering the best solutions for both technology onboarding and sustainability. In this post, we are sharing more on data center design tips worth considering. 

  1. Focus on avoiding redundancy. Uptime is easily one of the key concerns for data center management. The plan for a data center should address power and environment requirements, so that redundancy can be avoided at all times. It’s on the industrial architect to figure out how environment requirements will be met in a data center, while focusing on operational efficiency and cost reduction at the same time. 
  2. Flexible design. There’s no denying that data centers need huge investments, but the investment must make sense in the future. Industrial architects have the biggest challenge of creating designs that not only address the current requirements and technologies, but also future needs. This is also why data centers are being designed in modules, so clients and data center architects do not have a hard time making challenges and implementing new technologies. 
  3. Need for Airflow Management. Cooling systems are just one component of data centers. What needs as much attention is airflow management, which can drastically bring down cooling expenses. Intake and exhausts, airflow within server racks, are some of the key concerns that a plan must address. Industrial architects often spend considerable time with clients, deciding on these important factors that will matter in the long run.

Physical security is as important

When it comes to data center design, physical security is an aspect that must be addressed in the designs. Clients working with industrial architects need to be specific with the degree of security they need, besides other immediate requirements. 

Planning a data center is all about creating a layout that accommodates current needs and future demands. The expertise and experience of an industrial architectural practice can make a big difference to a project, regardless of size and scale.