Buying budget gaming monitors in 2021: Don’t miss these pointers

A gaming monitor can make or break your gaming experience at home. New gamers often end up buying big screens, without considering some of the basic tech aspects. Your first gaming monitor should be worth the price, not necessarily an expensive one. In fact, you can get something like PrimeCables 4k gaming monitor for less than $500. In this post, we are discussing the pointers that matter for buying budget gaming monitors in 2021. 

Go easy on the size

Gamers need to keep an eye on everything that’s happening on the screen. Since the distance between the gamer and monitor isn’t huge, a big screen is never a wise idea. Experienced gamers usually prefer monitors that are smaller on size, never exceeding 30-inch mark. If you don’t want to feel overwhelmed, just settle for a 28-inch screen. 

Consider the panel type

When it comes to monitors, there are three common choices – TN, IPS, and VA panels. TN panels are great in terms of refresh rate and response times. Refresh rate refers to the number of times the image on screen is refreshed per second. This is measured in hertz, and at the least you need a refresh rate of 60Hz for basic gaming. For response times, faster is always better. TN panels do not offer the best of visual experience. VA panels offer excellent color production and contrast, but don’t perform extensively for gaming. IPS panels are somewhere in between. 

Think of the resolution

For gaming needs, a Full-HD monitor is a must, although many gamers wouldn’t settle for anything less than an advanced 4k gaming monitor. The resolution determines the crispness and beauty of visuals, which can impact gaming experience directly. 

A note on curved gaming monitor

There are curved gaming monitors available, which are great for better viewing but also add to the cost. Unless you want to spend huge on your first monitor, you can skip the option. Instead check for aspects like panel type, resolution, connectivity, and refresh rates. 

Where to buy the first gaming monitor?

Ideally, consider getting your gaming monitor online. The best online stores have their own range and branded monitors, and you can find more choices for a given budget. Don’t shy away from spending more on a model that has features you want. Eventually, you wouldn’t be replacing it anytime soon. 

Shortlist top-rated gaming monitors now and don’t forget to check warranty on the product.