Summer Camp: Why You Should Send Your Kids There

Is another holiday season approaching? And how about organizing a super schedule that includes a camp for your child? We are sure he will have a lot of fun and learn a lot. Want 5 reasons from hot ground gym to send your child to summer camp? Then continue your reading!

1) Helps You Deal With School Holiday Boredom And Anxiety

Imagine children if even adults get anxious with a lot of idle time! That’s why it’s super common during this period for children to become more anxious and end up fighting with each other (in the case of siblings or close friends), increasing stress. What doesn’t happen when you’re on a camping vacation? Since they will have contact with other children there, they will participate in incredible activities (including many outdoors). And they will have fun like never before!

2) Get Used To Nature 

It may seem funny or unlikely, but did you know that there are children who have never had contact with animals other than cats or dogs? This is very common, especially for those born in the center of large cities. And this is one more advantage of sending your child to a summer camp: there he will not only have greater contact with nature, but he will also carry out various activities in the midst of it. 

3) Less Time In Front Of Screens

The study also indicated that children who exceeded this time limit had impaired physical and emotional growth. Already at a summer camp such as Day Camp vs Overnight Camp, they will be invited to participate in artistic activities that exercise their imagination and make-believe, expanding their repertoire of games and, consequently, their creativity.

4) Increased Autonomy

Spending some time away from the little ones may seem challenging (both for them and for the parents), but believe me: stimulating your child’s autonomy is of inestimable importance. After all, it’s a preparation for life. And there’s no better place to encourage that autonomy than a summer camp! The development of autonomy begins with keeping their rooms tidy since the little ones are responsible for organizing the place (which counts points in an internal competition). In addition to several other activities, they are protagonists of their experiences within the camp.

5) Make New Friends

A summer camp can also be considered indispensable if the school is an important space for the child’s socialization. This is because it is a place where the little ones will meet children of the same age, younger and older, being able to live together and create bonds with all of them. Plus, the connection and friendship created on vacation camps often stay with campers forever!