5 Great Reasons to Move to the Costa Blanca

I have lived on the Costa Blanca for eight years, working as an estate agent in Javea. Javea is on the Costa Blanca on the East coast of Spain, which is well-known for its beauty. It has a 212 kilometres coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. The place has many attractions, and there are so many reasons which might tempt you to move to live here.

Some reasons include the following:

  1. Climate

The climate in the Costa Blanca is almost perfect, often referred to as terrific. It enjoys the best weather in Europe. Although temperatures tend to differ throughout Spain, on the Costa Blanca, you can never forget the sun cream. Seeing the shining sun every morning offers a much better lifestyle compared to the rainy UK.

  1. The lifestyle and the people

‘Que sera sera’ is the country’s motto. This simply means that whatever will happen will be. There are plenty of fiestas, as the Spanish believe life is all about enjoying it. Unlike in other countries where individuals focus primarily on future events, life on the Costa Blanca focuses more on enjoying life each day with family meals, holding parties and strolling along the streets during the evenings.

Additionally, people living in Spain always are welcoming. Most of the locals are extroverts and value laughing very much. Therefore, you can quickly strike up conversations. Generally, Spanish people love food and eating out.

  1. Health benefits

Generally, moving to Costa Blanca has many advantages, health-wise. The health service in Spain is ranked one of the best worldwide. A natural diet is another health bonus. The Mediterranean diet includes plenty of fresh produce, and Spain has one of the highest life expectancies due to its healthy lifestyle. The average lifespan is 82 years for women and 79 for men. Persons suffering from heart disease, arthritis, rheumatism, and asthma benefit greatly from the salty sea air and sunshine, combined with healthy eating habits.

  1. Language

Spanish is currently the mother tongue of around 450 million people worldwide. Moving to Costa Blanca allows you to learn Spanish and join the rest of the world in enjoying speaking the language. Once you are in Spain and practise the language, you will find it easy to socialise and make friends with the locals.

  1. Food

Food lovers have plenty to celebrate on the Costa Blanca. The coast enjoys the best quality olive oil, wines, fresh fish, vegetables, and seafood, making a perfect combination for a healthy lifestyle. You will find numerous gastronomic restaurants that will get your tastebuds zinging.

In Spain, the menu of the day is offered at eateries during the midday meal. Enjoying a menu del dia is an inexpensive way to eat in Spain. This generously sized three-course meal is provided for a low price. It usually includes soup or salad, a main course with a side dish, a dessert, and wine or water.

Spanish people typically eat five times a day. They have an early breakfast and a snack at around 1l a.m.; lunch is at about 2 p.m., and then they have a snack at 6:00 p.m. A late-night dinner is typically eaten at 9 p.m.