BBQs 2U – Classic Blackstone Griddle for Cooking Everything Outdoor

BBQs 2U have been a leader in selling top-brand barbeques and ovens around the United Kingdom, since 2010. They have a huge loyal customer base and people can read their impeccable pre and post-service reviews.

Napoleon, Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt, and Ooni are the brands BBQs 2U family is affiliated with. The family is obsessed with barbequing and is aware of the issues that arise if the wrong grill is chosen. So, before adding a brand to their store inventory, the passionate family conducts a stringent test.

Currently, they added Blackstone to their family. Blackstone is another outdoor cooking appliance manufacturer in the US. It aims to design quality products using advanced technology for consumers. Blackstone Griddles for cooking everything outdoors! Click here for to know more about Blackstone Original 36in Griddle with Hood.

The classic flat-top grills with grates [griddles] are great cooking appliances for outdoor use. It can efficiently cook people’s favorite foods ranging from breakfast meat to eggs to veggies. The flat-top grill can be used in many ways. The signature sear marks got from grills is not from griddles, but at high temperature, the grates efficiently sear food and create caramelized veggies and meat.

Blackstone Original 36” Griddle with a hood got 5 stars because whatever is cooked on a grill can be cooked on the Griddle. On the other hand, what can be cooked on the griddle cannot be cooked on the grill. For example, burgers cooked on a grill are dry because juices flow away into the grates. A griddle retains the meat juices and cooks a soft, juicy burger.

The Blackstone 36” Griddle is equipped with 4 individually controlled heat zones offering 60,000 BTUs. It offers the power to serve a large crowd with 72 hot dogs or 28 burgers or restaurant-style steaks with 756 sq. inch of cooking space. There is a paper towel holder, garbage bag hanger, and a cutting board for extra convenience.

The cooking station is propane gas-powered but with just a push of the start button, the grill gets heated within minutes. There is no need for matches, kerosene, or charcoal. It is a great option for beginners or the ones wanting to start grilling instantly without spending time on preparation.

The Blackstone Griddle is appealing because it has removable legs, so users can place it on some countertop and start grilling. The cooking surface is large, so cook different food types at the same time. It works best at 350°F and is a great temperature to sear meat and fry bacon simultaneously.

Everyone is raving about the Blackstone 36” Griddle because not just outdoor cooking but even cleaning is easy. The flat surface makes griddle cleaning easy with a little soap and warm water. The stuck food is easily scraped away. Griddle needs seasoning often, but is an easy process. The Blackstone 36” griddle has a cover top, which protects it from damage and rust, while in storage. Check the model on BBQs 2U’s official website!