Yacht Charter in Tenerife

Private Yacht Charter in Tenerife: A Unique and Luxurious Experience

At Rent Boat Tenerife, we cater to those desiring a distinctive and fulfilling vacation experience, combining luxury, privacy, and escape from the bustling city life.

Our Diverse Yacht Fleet

We offer a comprehensive range of yachts for charter in Tenerife, from budget-friendly motorboats to high-end VIP yachts, ensuring there’s something for every taste and requirement.

Types of Motor Yachts Available

Our fleet in Tenerife is expansive, providing various options:

  • Yachts up to 10 meters: Ideal for hourly charters, these compact vessels typically accommodate 7 to 10 passengers, perfect for small groups or families.
  • From 10 to 20 meters: Popular for their versatility, these yachts are well-equipped for both brief excursions and longer journeys, featuring amenities like kitchens, bathrooms, cabins, and sometimes a flybridge for extra space.
  • From 20 to 24 meters: Offering similar amenities but with added space and functionality, these yachts are comfortable for up to 11 passengers, usually including a captain and assistant.
  • Over 24 meters: Our megayachts and VIP yachts fall into this luxurious category. They epitomize the latest in yachting technology and luxury, suitable for extended charters and cruises.

Motor Yacht Varieties

Motor Yachts with Flybridge: Mainly over 32 feet, these yachts provide additional leisure space and stunning sea views, with some smaller models also available.

Open and Closed Type Cruise Motor Yachts: Depending on the enclosed space, these yachts are perfect for different weather conditions. Open models are great for summer, while closed models offer shelter in cooler weather.

Rental Pricing

Despite their luxury status, our motor yacht charters are surprisingly affordable, offering a more personalized experience compared to standard group tours.

Advantages of Chartering with Rent Boat Tenerife

  • Enjoy complete privacy with only your group onboard.
  • For large groups, private charters can be more economical than group tours.
  • Freedom to customize your route and itinerary.
  • Perfect for hosting special events and celebrations.

Why Choose Motor Yachts?

Each yacht type has unique advantages. Our motor yachts blend stylish design with speed, space, and a variety of models catering to different budgets and preferences. The main consideration is their higher fuel consumption, which can influence the overall rental cost.

Charter Duration

You can charter our motor yachts in Tenerife any time of the day or night, available 24/7. Evening, night, and sunrise trips require advance booking.

Booking Process with Rent Boat Tenerife

Planning a trip to Tenerife? Incorporate a private yacht charter into your schedule. Early booking allows you to select your preferred yacht and guarantees availability. It also provides ample time to enhance your trip with our range of additional services.

  • Determine your yacht charter purpose – whether it’s a romantic date or celebrating a special occasion with friends.
  • Contact Rent Boat Tenerife for booking. Fill out our online form or call our manager directly.
  • After finalizing all details, a deposit is required to secure your yacht.
  • Arrive at the designated port in Tenerife 10-15 minutes before departure.

Our Commitment

At Rent Boat Tenerife, we take pride in offering direct collaborations with yacht owners, free from intermediaries and hidden fees. We’re dedicated to organizing a memorable and exclusive vacation experience for you in Tenerife.