Hiring a Wrongful Termination Lawyer in Austin, Texas

When an employer terminates an employee illegally, it typically happens due to prejudice or retribution. Employment in Texas is mainly at-will, however, there are exceptions for wrongful termination situations. For example, being fired for reporting unlawful actions or enduring prejudice are both examples. If you were unlawfully terminated, you can file a lawsuit to defend your rights. If that has happened to you, contact an Austin employment law attorney right away.

What are your options?

Gather information such as termination-related emails, job performance records, and the names of supporting coworkers to construct a compelling case for wrongful termination. This material may be used to back up your accusations of discrimination or retaliation. Explore your alternatives after gathering proof and learning your rights. This might include submitting a complaint with the EEOC for an inquiry into discrimination or getting legal counsel to guide you through the process.

Even if an employee resigns in Texas, they can still file a claim for wrongful termination, although the standard of proof is higher than if they were dismissed. To establish constructive discharge, you must show that the working circumstances were unbearable, including issues such as discrimination, harassment, hazardous working conditions, contract breach, or violation of public policy. Consult an employment law expert to understand your rights and select the best course of action for your specific circumstances.

Proving unfair treatment:

Show that your employer broke an employment contract or behaved illegally to prove wrongful termination in Texas. Discrimination, retribution, or termination for reporting unlawful activities are examples. Consider illicit motives, contract breaches, prejudice, or witnessing/reporting misconduct. If you replied “yes” to any of these questions, you may have been fired unfairly.

Wrongful termination can happen for a variety of reasons. In Alf Clausen’s case, he claimed he was fired unfairly because of his impairment and age. Discrimination based on age, disability, gender, pregnancy, religion, race, or nationality, breach of employment contract, breaches of employment regulations, and retribution for reporting infractions or whistleblowing are all common symptoms of wrongful termination. It is critical to be aware of these warning indicators to identify probable unjust terminations.

Final thoughts:

Because of at-will employment in Texas, companies can terminate employees without cause or warning. However, if the firing is unlawful, a wrongful termination lawsuit might be filed. To seek justice for workplace maltreatment, contact an experienced wrongful termination attorney for a free consultation.