University of Phoenix Offers Academics That Fit Into Busy Lifestyles

We all need to balance increasingly complex demands on our professional and personal lives. Adding in the pursuit of a college degree while managing those obligations can seem like too much to manage. However, University of Phoenix degree programs are designed to give students the flexibility and options that encourage success without sacrificing existing responsibilities.

University of Phoenix degree and certificate programs include courses that start regularly, meet online and allow student access from anywhere. University faculty members are practitioners in their fields with widespread expertise. They also understand that students have many pressing demands and design their courses with flexibility and adult learners in mind.

For most University of Phoenix students, earning a degree is a second job. That’s why the University’s classes are designed to be attended either day or night to fit into a student’s busy schedule.

Since 1976, University of Phoenix has provided students with flexible degree options to meet them where they are. For more than 25 years, the University has offered online degree options that let students earn a degree on their schedule.

Flexible Options for Busy Students

Consider what a traditional college or university structure requires. Students in these academic models typically take four or five courses at once. Start dates are rigidly set to coincide with academic semesters or quarters. Courses are held at prescribed times, and course offerings are often restricted to daytime hours, especially for undergraduate associate and bachelor’s degrees.

Academic classes are often held in person, requiring students to commute, find (and often pay for) parking, rush to class and then commute home at all times of year and in all sorts of weather. Conversely, online classes are held synchronously, meaning students need to be available for set class times, often with video sessions that are also rigidly scheduled.

The very structure of a University of Phoenix education is quite different. Students can choose to complete just one class at a time if they prefer. For bachelor’s degree programs, classes start up to 10 times each calendar year, meaning students are never too far from the chance to begin a class needed for a degree program.

Students can access course materials and content using the University’s proprietary online platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This helps students progress toward finishing class work, lectures and assignments when it makes sense for them.

No matter what their work or family schedule is, students can engage in class discussions, read required materials and turn in assignments at any time. This flexibility is the hallmark of a University of Phoenix education.

For students enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program, the schedule flexibility means there are 18 times each year when they can start degree work. They can also focus on one class which meets for five or six weeks at a time. 

This helps students focus on one topic at a time and set the pace in their education. Students can go on to start another class as soon as they finish. However, if they need a break or become busy with work or personal matters, students can wait to start their next course without affecting progress toward a degree. 

The faculty are another key differentiator. At University of Phoenix, faculty bring real-world experience into every classroom. They are seasoned practitioners who have worked in the areas that they teach. They share practical examples and situations in their courses that can help students prepare for life after school.

Support to Help You in Your Academic Journey

Finishing a degree is not always easy, and every student may need some help from time to time. At University of Phoenix, there are extensive support services available, starting with one-on-one support offered 20 hours per day, five days a week by phone, chat or email. A University of Phoenix education is designed to offer the utmost in flexibility, giving students the tools necessary for academic success.

University of Phoenix academic advisors are highly rated, earning a five-star rating from 90 percent of surveyed students. In addition, there are an array of other services available to all University of Phoenix students including:

  • University Library: A regularly updated and expanding online information resource with an extensive collection of textbooks, journals and other academic publications.
  • Center for Mathematics Excellence: Designed for students who need a refresher or want to build their confidence with math skills offering live, individual math tutoring, PhoenixMath (a virtual math guide) and resources for overcoming math anxiety.
  • Center for Writing Excellence: Tools and resources to help cite sources, correct writing mistakes, get started, build confidence and avoid ethical missteps in college-level writing.
  • Life Resource Center: Life coaches who can help with time management and dealing with change and counselors who can assist with managing stress and talking about work and life issues. These confidential and free resources include more than 5,000 webinars, podcasts, articles and assessments to address those inevitable roadblocks life finds a way of throwing at us.
  • Career Services for Life: Includes lifetime access to career services and support with including resume development and career exploration tools.
  • Student Portal: Offers productivity tools designed to help you stay organized and on schedule including email inboxes, real-time chat collaboration, class and University event schedules and instant technical assistance.
  • Student Organizations: Make connections and participate in officially recognized honor societies, professional associations and interest groups related to academic interests and philanthropic organizations with 14 student organizations.
  • Alumni Association: Access lifelong alumni benefits such as career services, University events, exclusive discounts for more than 900 brands, online alumni network access and 50 percent discounts on all University online professional development courses.

About University of Phoenix

Established in 1976, University of Phoenix offers courses and degree programs designed for adult learners. University students can earn associate, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degrees or certificates in a variety of academic concentrations.

Students can participate in online programs taught by faculty who are experienced professionals. University of Phoenix classes begin frequently to provide adult students with maximum flexibility to start their education when it works best for them.