How to Distinguish Running & Track Shoes?

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Joining the world of entertaining or competitive running demands to get the right shoes. The excessive volume of shoes is enough to get puzzled. It is necessary to have some knowledge regarding the categories and kinds of running shoes. First of all, you must understand that track shoes and running shoes are the basic types of shoes; however each is meant to fulfill a particular purpose. Obtain Ounass voucher code for getting the sporty track sneakers in different colors on discount.

A Journey from Leather to Rubber Material

In the 18the century, the athletic shoes were introduced in England. At that time, running shoes were made up of leather. In order to take part in track racing, these leather shoes were modified by metal long spikes for rare traction. It was noticed that leather could not support the athletes for long run. During wet conditions, leather got misshaped and often stretched. 

After leather shoes, an experiment was made by designing the rubber shoes. These were given the name “Sneakers”. Adidas and Nike introduced waffled rubber and foam cushioning sneakers to make running quite easy for athletes.

Running Shoes 

Usually, an image of sneakers comes into mind when someone talks about running shoes. Such shoes have thick foam layer to act as a cushion. Running shoes are perfect for daily workouts and running short races. Training shoes are designed by various well-known brands covering high stability and cushioning. A cushion sole has foam line without any other feature. On the other hand high stability footwear adjusts the overpronation through structural or double density foam. In order to figure out the right training shoes, ask your friend to keep an eye on your way of walking. In case, the ankle leans while taking a step, you need stability while running. Utilize ounass voucher code for getting the right shoes for routine workouts or race competitions within your budget.

Track Shoes

Racing Spikes and Racing Flats are the categories of track shoes. 

  • Racing spikes are enormously low weight footwear but these offer no support. These have metal spikes that can twist into the holes. These are right for sprinting on the specific tracks and races in cross-country area. Hard plastic is used to make racing spikes. The angle supports the runner to jog on the toes.
  • Racing flat is basically thin training footwear that has cushion similar to training shoes with the lowest possible weight. Such shoes are perfect for interval training and long races. These do not offer support for routine running. If you want to get protection from injuries, these are not the right shoes for you. The low weight makes these shoes just ideal for covering long distances. 

Always remember, each type has a particular function and suit to specific foot type. Instead of checking the style or material, do some research and opt for the right shoes to enjoy required support and cushioning. After five to six months, the cushioning gets damage and causes arch pain. At that time, mention ounass voucher code for getting the right pair of running footwear on low price.