3 Signs That Indicate You Need to Visit Your Dentist in Powell Immediately

Painful gum swellings and tooth cavities can cause many agonizing and sleepless nights. However, many people tend to ignore minor dental issues and delay visits to the dental clinic. But if you sense any signs of tooth discomfort or pain, it is best to consult a dentist near you. 

Powell is a city in the state of Tennessee. Statistics show that the majority (that is more than ninety percent) of the US population have cavities in their teeth. Moreover, sixteen percent of the population in Tennessee reported that they have found it difficult to get a job due to tooth-related issues. Hence, if you are a resident of the Tennessee state and tooth problems are troubling you, it is never too late to visit a dentist in Powell, TN.

Dental Clinic: A Solution To All Your Tooth-Related Woes

Procrastination and delay in visiting a dental clinic are major reasons simple dental issues aggravate. Most people are unaware of the early signs and symptoms of tooth decay or other dental problems. To avoid serious dental issues, visit a dentist if you experience the following symptoms.

Bleeding, Receding, Or Painful Gums

Bleeding, receding, or painful gums warrant immediate medical attention, especially if the bleeding or pain consistently affects you. Gum problems, if left untreated, can aggravate and eventually lead to jaw bone loss. At times, bleeding gums is a symptom of vitamin C deficiency or dental infections like gingivitis. 

Gum recession is normal in elderly people; however, it can make the teeth more prone to decay and even lead to tooth loss. So, if your gum has been troubling you of late, it is best to book an appointment with a dentist near you.

Loss Of Teeth Or Development Of Gaps

A permanent set of teeth (developed after the loss of milk teeth) does not fall off easily, but if you start losing your permanent teeth, that is a problem. So, loss of permanent teeth or gaps in the teeth requires medical attention.

Pain And Discomfort

Cavities, abscesses, etc., can cause tooth pain or sensitivity. Hence, persistent pain should not be ignored at any cost.


A visit to a dentist is a must when you are suffering from chronic tooth pain or discomfort or have issues with your gum. If you visit a dentist on time, it will relieve you from pain and ensure that severe problems like cavities and boss loss are avoided altogether.