What Does It Take to be A Good Data Center Architect?

Data and technology, both are changing rapidly today. So are the skills that are required by professionals in these fields. Architects are no different and also face the need of having dynamic and evolving skill sets to meet the needs of the hour. This is even more applicable for data center architects for the level of dedication they need to put in designing and constructing the buildings. So before hiring anyone, consider these traits of architects that we have listed below to understand if you are taking the right decision:


Automation has taken over the industry and individuals who have updated themselves with this feature are always on the top of the race. Automation when incorporated into the architectural tasks improve productivity and contribute well to building an efficient environment. This is a very handy trait, especially when you are running late in the project schedules and time is your biggest constraint. Architects who understand the crux of the programming concepts and have a grasp of algorithms can enhance and apply their automation skills easily.


An architect is given high value if they have prior and solid knowledge about coding and has prevalent experience of the same. Visual programming languages and software know-how has always been important. You will get better value if you know the backend of designing through the coding. With knowing this, you can add greater flexibility and functionality to any given project at any point of time. This helps you think in a more structured and analytical direction too.


Buildings that are constructed with the latest technology and advanced systems generate a huge quantity of data. If this data can be translated by the architects, it can be of immense help in bringing success to the projects. Understanding data better can help them create sustainable designs that foresee the future.

Climate control

Eco-consciousness has been driven immensely since the last decade. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or L.E.E.D. has been the biggest certification in building and establishing new buildings that have green benefits. Architects who work by understanding concepts like climate-specific designs, heat transfer, moisture storage and transport, building enclosure behaviour and material impacts are the best data center design professionals to go forward with.

The above traits not only make the data center architects great but also assure that the future of the planet is certainly in safer hands.