Hire a Food Truck with Our Guide

When you are arranging a catering spree at your event, food trucks can be the best and effective food serving solution. The guests can go up to the trucks themselves, open the hatches and self-serve themselves some food. It sounds to be a very easy option until you get to decide about how many actual trucks you need. You need to understand if your expectation meets the planning and to help you out, here is our guide.

Permits and insurance

This is a boring yet very important aspect. Before you start thinking about hiring food trucks, you need to check if the venues have the necessary insurances and permits to allow them on-site. You need to also follow back with your food truck company to understand if their insurance is updated. Things like breakdown cover must also be included in that.

How many trucks are needed?

When you are calculating the estimates, an average food truck can cater to about 100-125 people per hour. If you have 250 people attending and eating over a window of 2 hours, you can go about with just one truck. If the number of your attendee increases, you need to select the trucks based on that or select the ideal size. Do not be tempted to hire more because it won’t benefit you.

What food do you want to offer?

You can serve practically all sorts of food in the truck. You need to think about the guests and the type of food they want to consume. Millennials will want food that is more than hotdogs and burgers whereas the elder audience will appreciate non-fuzzy foods. You can tuck in the necessary drinks and beverages in the truck too.

Seating or stand up?

How your guests will eat is another important thing you need to assess. This again depends on the type of food that you are offering to them. Dry and easy foods can be consumed all while standing and people can even walk while they eat. But you need to have seating areas if your guest demographics have children and the elder citizens involved. Try placing the seats away from the truck to ensure free mobility in the eating space.

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