Do Homeowners Have Any Rights In An HOA?

If you live in an HOA, you may know about its many rules and regulations and how strict the board is regarding them. This may cause one to think whether the homeowners have any rights in the HOA or not. Homeowners constitute a significant part of the association, and they ought to have certain powers and the right to exercise them. 

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Homeowners rights in an HOA

  1. Legal rights. 

Apart from having HOA rights, homeowners have legal rights as well. However, these rights may not be given to someone who rents a house. Anyone who purchases a house in an HOA has the following legal rights: 

  • The Right of Enjoyment
  • The Right of Possession
  • The Right of Disposition
  • The Right of Exclusion
  • The Right of Control

To know more, you can search on the Internet about what each of these rights means to protect yourself. 

  1. Right against discrimination. 

Homeowners in an HOA have the right against discrimination. The Fair Housing Act has stated that the HOA cannot discriminate against any existing or potential homeowner based on their gender, nationality, religion, caste, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, familial status, and color. For example, the HOA cannot prevent a person from buying a house because they belong to a certain religion. 

However, if the HOA can prove that they have valid and legal grounds to do so, they may deny your request. 

  1. Right to question random fines. 

HOAs are already known to be expensive. However, several HOAs also try to collect random fines from homeowners without stating valid reasons behind them. If your HOA asks for sudden and unexplained fines or other charges, you have the right to ask for detailed information. 

  1. Right to change HOA rules and regulations. 

Just because the HOA has put a set of rules in place does not mean they are permanent. If homeowners feel that certain rules are absurd and should be changed, they can choose to take action against it. The board should conduct a vote to ensure if the majority wants the same changes and act according to the results. 

  1. Right to complain. 

When hundreds, or maybe thousands of people live together in a single community, problems are bound to happen. The board has the responsibility to listen and address these problems. Even though the board may feel irritated or annoyed hearing complaints, they cannot legally force you to stay silent. 

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