Are verticle blinds in trend?

What is in trend when it comes to blinds? Are the vertical blinds still style today? It is well worth the money? We know that when you are looking for blinds to cover specific spaces, you will find vertical blinds and you are probably wondering if you still have style and if it is worth using it. We see the latest trends and we can help you navigate if vertical blinds are suitable for your space.

Vertical blinds continue with style and are popular in homes for several reasons. Although they made their maximum appearance in the 80s and 90s as a style choice, today they continue to dominate because they are very versatile.

Light control: Control the amount of light that reaches space.

Large spaces: ideal for sliding doors and other large windows

Base blinds: Excellent option for the main set of blinds or window coatings that are then adorned with one more style curtain around them.

Affordable: vertical blinds are still largely style because they are a great value for housing owners.

Repairs: Since vertical blinds have multiple pieces that are easy to arrive at, they are quite easy to repair if you need to fix some pieces. These become extremely popular and make a more durable product in general.

Are vertical blinds with style for each window?

In recent decades, vertical blinds were extremely popular for almost any window. In recent years, the popularity of vertical blinds has focused mainly on the space of the sliding door, instead of other daily windows. We are seeing this change simply because there are many other excellent options to choose from in these other spaces. That said, the classic vertical blind remains extremely functional and desirable for rear doors and sliding doors, which makes it a popular long data choice!

What are other options?

If you are not digging the appearance of vertical blinds, or want to consider another option, here are some other types of coatings that you can choose:

Extra-long solar shadows: they can be done on multiple widths to help you customize and adapt to your space. They provide a more modern aspect while controlling the sun’s rays.

Cellular shadows: cell tones can be designed to execute the full length of a sliding door, so it is an excellent option to block light, maintain regulated internal temperature, and provide some privacy. However, these have to be in the width of a rear door area.

Sliding panels: look for a more modern, slightly Scandinavian appearance, with panels on a sliding track. You can have fun with patterns and colors, and play with transparency some here too!

Curtains: Standard curtains on a track can provide a beautiful appearance that can really customize its interior design and work with the nature of the rear sliding door. It does not have almost so much control over light (closed or open), but this can be a great decorative solution if you do not want to use vertical blinds alone.

Combinations: Vertical blinds are still largely style because they can provide the background, with other decorative covers at the top. When designing its window cover solution in this way, it has complete control that the vertical blinds give the light of directing, while obtaining other benefits such as decoration, thermal insulation, and more. When you use vertical blinds with other window covers, often the vertical blinds are visually mixed with the bottom.