Start with the racket in your right, or dominant hand, using a grip between Eastern and Semi-Western, and stand with feet parallel to the net.
As the ball approaches, keep your elbow slightly bent and swing the racket back behind your body in a circular motion.

Step forward onto your left foot, angling it slightly towards the net, and pivoting on the toe of your back, right foot, heel raised.
Make contact with the ball just in front of your body with your racket parallel to the net.

After contact, continue the swing across your body on an upward diagonal, finishing with your racket over your left shoulder.



Start with a two-handed grip, with your right, or dominant hand on the bottom in a Continental grip and your top, or left hand in an Eastern grip.
Stand in your ready position facing the net, toes forward, shoulder-width apart.

As the ball approaches, shift your stance, planting your left foot parallel to the net, as you bring the racket behind the left side of your body, keeping elbows slightly bent.
Step forward with your right foot to meet the ball out in front of your body, keeping both hands on the racket.

Follow through with your swing, ending with the racket behind and above your right shoulder.

Playing for one’s country is a privilege.



Hold the racket in a Continental grip with your right hand, placing your left hand above it. Your ready position will be with your racket in front of you and your feet facing the net, shoulder-width apart.

Shifting your toes to the right, turn to your forehand side and swing the racket back slightly, until it is just in line with your body
Step forward with your left foot as you make contact with the ball.

Cut off your swing just after making contact with the ball.



Your ready position will be holding the racket in your right, or dominant hand, using a continental grip, ball in
your left hand.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, parallel to the net

Swing the racket behind your body and above your head

Toss the ball just above head height, releasing at eye level

Tip your shoulders and pelvis back slightly, and make contact with the ball as you swing your racket over your head and in front
of your body.

As you hit the ball, your upper body will be fully extended as you plant your left foot, pivoting forward on your right foot

Follow through bringing your racket across your body, finishing with it near the court under your left arm.

Recover back into your ready position.


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