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The fighters of Brave Combat Federation are proven to be the rising MMA superstars. Among the memorable moments that Brave has created for the fans, let’s talk about how the athletes’ most unique entrances revive the cultural ties and strengthen the visual identity of each fighter.

The Bahrain based promotion fostered strong cultural and economic relations with the regional markets as Brave conducted events in India, Brazil and Kazakhstan. While most fight walkouts are cold and calculated messages directed towards their opponents, some had created lasting images of cultural legacy and heritage. Apart from representing the national pride, those moments had a significant influence over the audience as they set the mood for the bout.


“My path is paved with obstacles and struggles. Each step I take towards the cage, brings me closer to the obstacles faced by millions each day. With each step, I become the fighting pride of a million. As I enter the cage, I am the fight.”


“It is the ultimate pride, privilege and responsibility to represent the Kingdom of Bahrain globally. I feel intense happiness when it is my time to fight because it is the moment of truth that reveals the results of intense training and moments of resilience. In those final moments before I enter the cage, I am determined and happy to wage war with Bahrain in my heart.”

Brave Combat Federation which is based in Bahrain has established to become as the fastest growing MMA promotion in the world, broadcasting to 60 nations around the world and featuring athletes from 28 nations. The strategy of providing representation and prominence to the culture and creativity of the fighters have highlighted a minor detail in the sport and propelled it into a memorable visual extravaganza. “Brave Combat Federation is a global athlete fraternity united by passion and driven by the vision of Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa. We are proud that even by such a small gesture strong cultural relationships and messages could be fostered with far reaching results. This is an important tool to make the sport more social.”, said Mohammed Shahid, CEO of KHK MMA.

With a busy schedule until the end of the year, Brave Combat Federation will continue its international tour, to even more countries being added to the list. The promotion is set to come back to Bahrain at least one more time before the end of 2017, with a November event scheduled to take place during the 2017 IMMAF World Championships of Amateur MMA.

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