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No matter how early you wake up there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to get your hair done. Whether you are trying to impress someone or have a very busy morning ahead of you, it would be easier to have frizz-free, fresh and perfect looking hair. Dessange’s organic hair smoothing treatment is what you are looking for!

Inspired by nature, the organic hair smoothing treatment will give you a sleek and smooth hair. We received the ultimate natural hair care at Dessange that brightened our look with a gentler, softer and shiner touch.

With organic products, you won’t have to worry about adverse reaction and leaves you with healthy hair. Dessange uses argan oil which is one of the leading ingredients in all their products such as shampoos and solutions. This strengthens and prevents split ends as your hair produces natural oil. Unlike the keratin treatment, pregnant mothers have a shot at a better hair smoothing opportunity with this complete organic approach. Young children can even get it done.

The unique quality is that Dessange is very meticulous about their product line. Your hair is in great hands as you receive the treatment with products from France that are tailor-made with organic ingredients. Keratin hair smoothing treatments are damaging to your hair due to the formaldehyde that is present in most products. You can get the same effect with formulas that are nontoxic and is better for your hair.

We all are into anything that is more natural, organic, less damaging and anything that uses less chemicals. If you want professional hair and scalp care using formulas primarily focusing on natural ingredients, then you need to try Dessange’s product line Phytodess. Refreshing as it was, we were instantly able to feel the difference in our hair. The ingredients are plant-based, silicone-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free which is impressive in itself.

We were seated in comfy chairs and pampered with the best quality services that Dessange always promises. The stylist washed our hair gently with clarifying shampoo and blow dry until the hair retained 20 percent of its moisture. She then applied the organic solution and left it for about 20 minutes. Without rinsing, our hair was then ironed and then dried at a medium cold temperature. She talked us through the process while ironing each strand of hair eight times making sure the heat did not burn our scalps. After about 30 minutes, our hair was washed, and a mask was
applied. What sets this treatment apart is that the hair is washed on the same day to prevent any product buildup leaving your hair fresh and bouncy. You are sure to surprise yourself with an incredible hair makeover that took just two hours.
The high-end salon is elegant with a friendly staff, and we highly recommend to get your next hair smoothing treatment the natural and organic way right here in Dessange.

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