Most of us aren’t using sunscreen the way that we should! Surprised? You may think you’ve already mastered sun protection, but think again. Most people tend to apply sunscreen only on areas that they assume would get the most sun exposure. This puts them at a sure risk for different types of skin cancer. Now we need to do better than that!

Researchers at the University of Liverpool conducted a study on misapplication of sunscreen and consequent vulnerability to skin cancer. Three-quarters of participants, when prompted to apply sunscreen on their face but given no other instructions, did not coat the bridge of their nose or corners of their eyes and over 10 percent didn’t apply sunscreen to their eyelids.
With up to 10 percent of malignant skin cancer beginning around the eyelids, it is of extreme importance that this part of the body does not get missed when applying SPF protection. It makes one wonder, why don’t people do it? Caution surrounding accidentally getting the product into our eyes—often as warned on the back of product labels—leads many to miss protecting some of the most delicate skin on our face.


FOREO has responded to recent findings regarding improper sunscreen application just in time for summer when beaches are pulling everyone to their sunny shores. When packing the bathing suit, sunscreen and picnic basket, FOREO IRIS will complete your sunscreen routine. As the study discovered, protecting the skin may be the first instinct when the sun’s rays touch the surface of our body but very often, the delicate skin around the eyes are being neglected.

Beat the effect of negative sun rays by carrying the IRIS to the beach and look forward to a future of protected eyes. The T-sonic pulsations of the IRIS gently massage the eye and surrounding areas. This works towards reducing crow’s feet, under-eye bags and fine lines. You can enjoy the summer tan and take in the ocean breeze with your sun- protected eyes.

The FOREO gadgets are the perfect travel-friendly beauty companions for a busy lifestyle! These beautifully designed devices array in colours to best suit any personality or trend. Whether retaining a busy day-to-day routine, regularly travelling, trying to rejuvenate acne-damaged skin or just taking in the summer at the beach; the FOREO collection will suit any climate, weather or lifestyle. It’s time to enjoy the perks of a full skincare routine anywhere, without compromise.


  • Eyelids
  • Bridge of the nose
  • Scalp
  • Lips
  • Neck
  • Ears
  • Hands
  • Chest
  • Feet
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