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Exploring the Scott Foil 10 with Gareth Sayers from Trilife

Gareth, who is also a member of Bahrain Club 300, reviews the bike that he used to travel 300kms in.

The most recently significant glory for the Scott Foil was with Matt Hayman, who won the world’s roughest race, Paris Roubaix, on an aero bike. Most people think that the Scott foil is a pure speed bike. And yes, in the beginning that was its sole focus. But the 2016 Foil is a new machine! So new in fact, that it has given birth to the term ‘Aerocomfort’, coined by Scott. Don’t fall victim to the assumption that the Foil is a pure aero-road bike. Aerodynamics is only one of the four main objectives for the all new Scott Foil. The ambitious idea was to focus on improving comfort, reducing weight, maximising aerodynamics and increasing stiffness. And believe me, they have delivered something special.

The most obvious improvement is the perfectly engineered thinner and lower seat stays. For me, this is where the success of this new machine lies. The new seat stays improve comfort through an incredible 89% increase in vertical compliance. Along with the relocation of the brakes, they also dramatically improve aerodynamics. Then, because the seat stays attached lower down on the seat tube, the rear triangle is smaller providing improved lateral stiffness.

Scott has spent two years developing their new truncated foil tubing, allowing them to produce the slimmer and stiffer frameset that you see here.

The Shimano direct mount brake system provides class leading braking power thanks to its symmetrical dual pivot system. Also, being placed below the BB, it is more aerodynamic and makes it easier to remove the wheel in the event of a puncture or mechanical problem.

The part about this bike that truly leaves me speechless is the high speed performance of it. The bike becomes an absolute tar eating, road shredding animal. I will admit that before I rode the bike, all the reviews and things that I read were just fancy numbers and opinions to me. But believe me, when I say that at high speeds, everything that I ever read about this bike just made sense. It really is one of the fastest bikes that I have ever ridden.

My bike was fitted specifically for me by the highly skilled guys at TriLife, Bahrain, using an advanced fitting system called the Smart Fit Radlabor. The system was developed together with Scott to provide any cyclist with a millimetre perfect fit.

By now, I knew I was riding a very fast bike. But a comfortable bike? I wasn’t sure yet. A few months ago, me and some other guys at TriLife Bahrain established a group called the Bahrain Club 300; basically it’s a group of cyclists that have officially cycled in excess of 300km in one day, in Bahrain. After just 3 weeks of owning the bike, I completed my 2nd 300km ride, but this time, I was on the Foil. I was quite honestly shocked at the overall comfort I felt while on the bike. I was expecting 10hrs of rough roads vibrating my body to pieces. But that was most definitely not the case. The Scott Foil 10 knocked my socks off! As far as 10hr bike rides go, my back was fine, neck was comfortable and arms were strong. I must admit that for me, an 89kg, 6’2” guy, the standard Syncros RR2.0 saddle was a bit uncomfortable. And so too was the Syncros RR2.0 sweep bar. The saddle might have been a bit too narrow and I find the sweep in the bar adds quite a lot of pressure to your palms. But considering the bike as a whole, these small factors have no bearing on my impression. Scott really has managed to deliver a comfortable aero bike. Hence, aerocomfort.

So in conclusion, I would like to state that The 2016 Scott foil is the best bike I have ever ridden. Hands down! It continues to impress me. As with all bikes, you as the customer need to make a decision on what type of bike you want for the type of cyclists that you are. But if you are in the market for a road-aero bike that knows how to race the one day classics, the Foil should be on top of your list.

RRP – BHD2060
(Gareth’s setup is around BHD2900)
Gareth’s ride setup

Profile design 5824 front – 7824 rear wheelset

Fizik Arione Versus saddle.
Lizardskin handlebar tape.
Matching Ultegra pedals.
Large (56cm) 8.2kg – I will admit that it is not the lightest bike around.
But a 56cm bike at that weGareths-Scott-Foil-10ight that goes this fast,
with deep carbon wheels and a Di2 groupset, is amazing!
“The lower part of the frame – Bottom Bracket – is 13% stiffer than its predecessor.”
“The head tube is also over 13% stiffer than previous models.”
“There is an aerodynamic advantage saving you the equivalent of 6 watts, translating to almost 30 seconds over a 40km time trial (At 45km/h).”

For more information:

+973 7733 3777

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