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Bringing out the ‘islandness’ in Bahrain, beach culture, a natural watersports centre, attract the fun seeking, adventurous and the curious.

Imagine this, after a long day at work, as the sun sets, you arrive to an island, where the beach has been entirely illuminated by fire sticks and lanterns. You sit by the bonfire under the moonlight listening to live acoustic music to enjoy in peace and be one with nature.

Yes, you can do all of these here in Bahrain!

Beach Culture is a provider of products and services in the coastal leisure industry and non-motorized watersports. They run an internationally accredited natural watersports centre offering lessons and courses, providing support and selling merchandise.Watersport is the favourite method to increasing the interaction of beachgoers with the water and enhancing their overall experience. These fun, healthy and eco-friendly human-powered activities are administered by a team of experienced nature lovers equipped with the highest certifications. Beach Culture’s CEO Mohanna Aldoseri said, “Here at Beach Culture, it’s not our intention to satisfy our customers or to please our customers, our intention is to AMAZE them”.


Beach Culture is affiliated with the International Sailing Federation (ISAF), a worldwide governing body responsible fordeveloping the safest and efficient teaching methods and techniques, and most importantly, the most fun!


A SUP is a large surfboard that you can stand on and paddle. Beach Culture have a variety of paddle tours around the Island. Some of their most popular ones are the Ras Sanad Mangrove Adventure, Arabian Moonlight Paddleboarding Experience, and the LED Paddle Sessions


Did you know Bahrain has world class Kiteboarding teaching and riding conditions! It’s a surface watersport combining aspects of wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding, and gymnastics into one extremesport.



A variation of stand-up paddle surfing (SUP), combined with yoga. It’s a great new way of working out. It provides benefits to the mind and body, all while being fuelled by Mother Nature and the Ocean.

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